Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tampa Code Camp

I went to the Tampa Code Camp this Saturday and it was terrific! If you have not experienced a code camp before I would urge you to find out about one in your area. Code camps are free and the speakers are all volunteers. There are sponsors of course which means you may even get food and door prizes but best of all you will get knowledge. The 2 highlights for me were seeing 2 in depth presentations on LINQ and I saw more information about some of the options available to me from the Enterprise Library. Within the Enterprise Library, I am most excited about the validation block but I imagine I will end up using the configuration, exception and caching blocks. Data access and security sound tempting too.

LINQ just blew me away. This is truly the most amazing innovation to hit programming that I have ever seen. Here are a few links to LINQ:
Scott Guthries Blog
LINQ project homepage - Jim Wooley I and Jim Wooley II

Thanks so much to Jim Wooley (who is writing a book on LINQ) for putting on a great demo that opened my eyes to the possibilities of LINQ. Jonathan Carter did a great job to show many excellent examples of how to use LINQ to query, update and delete data.

If you do not know how to find a code camp try to find a user group near you (check and the user group can probably help you find a code camp. A nearly complete list of code camps is also located here.

With these topics I believe I will have many new adventures!

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